The Basics

Tape-ins, Beaded Wefts, Invisible Bead Hand Tied Wefts, Fusion, and Micro Beaded extensions are all going to require a lot more time and maintenance than Clip-in extensions. So here is what you need to know about your hand-tied extensions.

-Schedule all your bump-ups in advance so you do not damage your hair or the extension hair. 

-Replace your extension hair when necessary. (Generally every 9-12 months depending on how well you take care of your hair.)

-DO NOT shampoo every day and NEVER use conditioner at the root, this causes the beads and extensions to slide. Blondes- DO NOT use a toning shampoo i.e. purple or blue shampoos. 

-Use a professional leave in conditioner and oil/ serum on mids and ends to help keep your extensions hydrated. DO NOT use an oil that is colored i.e. Moroccan oil.

-Sleep with your hair in a loose ponytail or loose braid to avoid matting.

Secrets To Success 

-Brush your hair at least twice a day. Run your fingers through your hair throughout the day. Take care to NOT brush vigorously at the root. When brushing your hair make sure to hold the hair at the root where the weft is attached.

-Any water activities, other than showering, coat your hair in leave-in conditioner and place in a tight braid or bun.

-Hydrate your extensions with a professional mask once or twice a month depending on how often you shampoo. 

-Make sure you are using a gentle elastic when putting your hair up like teleties or a scrunchie.

Shampooing & Conditioning 

-Scrub your scalp as best you can around the weft. Lift the weft up and out of the way, especially when rinsing.

-Condition only the ends.

-NEVER rub your hair in a towel. Loosely wrap it up or scrunch with the towel.

-Use leave-in conditioner and lightly brush through, making sure to hold extensions.

Blow Drying

-Try and let your hair air dry 25% of the way.

-Use your fingers to rake through your hair while power drying.

-Make sure your wefts are completely dry.

-Section off hair and use a brush and dryer to completely dry hair and smooth.

Curling & Flat Ironing

-When your hair is completely dry, apply a professional heat protectant and brush through.

-Section off hair and start curling or straightening making sure the heat never goes above 375 degrees.

Recommended Professional Products

Most any Kevin.Murphy line of wash and rinse according to your hair needs, with the exception of Blonde.Angel.Wash. Leave in products: UN.TANGLED, LEAVE-IN.REPAIR, and SMOOTH.AGAIN. Heat protectant: SHIMMER.SHINE, SHIMMER.ME BLONDE, and HEATED.DEFENSE. Olaplex #4, #5, #6


Extensions are very specialized and require a consult for pricing

Invisible Bead Handtied Extenstions